OK, you have heard of this before. Or so you think.

The FUN table quiz that we organize for your teams is at the same time traditional and innovative. And most of all -FUN!

Teams of 4-8 participants are formed around the individual tables. Each team receives a box filled with surprises.

Every now and again, between answering the questions, the host will ask the teams to open a box and take out a numbered package. An enigma.

It´s a mix of answering the Host´s questions, solving enigmas in short sprints of time and, when it gets too serious, we will bring some FUN into it!

The quiz can be built around many different themes, and be linked to a launch of a new product, company annyversary, Christmas, sport events etc. You name it!

Traditionally, accompanied by drinks, this team building event can be organized in a pub, in a restaurant (before company dinner), or even outdoors.

Groups: at least 5 teams of 4 participants

Where: Lisbon


Duration: 30 min – 1.5 hours